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Appraisal Services:

Why would someone need an appraisal?


People need appraisals for a number of different reasons. Some require one for their insurance company, some are settling an estate and some just want to know what their items are worth. Appraisals come in different shapes and sizes depending on your situation.


Insurance Appraisal: 


Insurance companies sometimes require certified appraisals if you want to insure your valuable belongings. The insurance company won't always take your word for it that the bronze statue in your living room is worth $4000. They require someone with the expertise to evaluate the item, place a value on it and put that information in a report. That report then becomes the document you can use to insure your personal property.


Appraisals are your safety net in case your home is burgularized or burns to the ground. You will need this document to prove to the insurance company that you had valuable items in your posession and proof of their worth. If you don't have a certified appraisal then you might not get the full value for your belongings in case of a disaster. Why take that chance?


We provide appraisals for single items or complete households. 


Estate Appraisals:


Estate appraisals are needed when someone passes away and leaves behind personal property. Probate courts and Taxing agencies need certified appraisals in certain situations to show the value of the estate. This information is then used to tax the estate, divide the property among the heirs or both. In any of these situations an appraiser is sometimes needed to give the required values to the requesting agency.


Single Item Appraisals:


So you don't have any of the sitiations above. No problem. We also offer single item appraisals for the collector or just for your records. We offer a lite appraisal for single items that includes the same report as the insurance and estate appraisals. You can have the peace of mind that your personal property item has a certified document that details it's true market value. We run into people all of the time that just want to know what something is worth and would like to have a document that conveys that value.


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